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Online Reputation Management is the process of managing the reputation of a person website services online with the use of different SEO, SEM and SMM Techniques. In simple words, it can be defined as to juice up the positive links and lower down the negative links or Reviews/ Feedback about an organization. Managing Online Reputation is as important as doing Search Engine Optimization for a website. It helps in satisfying your customers about the good quality of services your business provides.


Being the best-known and awarded online Reputation Management Services providing agency in India, our work ethics and culture always value customer’s needs and requirement. We stand with numerous solutions and strategies to make your website services unique and trending as per latest market environment. “Happy Customers leads to happy Business”, this is what we believe in.

We work with proper research and methodologies to know your website and services in the initial phase. Our Expert Team of Online Reputation Management, then analyze your website and the problems affecting your business to grow. After being reviewed, we prepare website audit and performance report and put up our plans and statistics to make it much better compared to what it was before.

The world of Online Marketing is never ending, every day a new business is developed online and as soon as it comes on social media, the growth graph of business increases. With the use of technical ORM Services, one can achieve reliable growth in business, Social Media Followers, and Search Engine Optimization ranking.

Online Reputation Management Strategies used by us


Domain Name is the name configured for your website Url. For proper optimization of the domain name, the Url must be SEO oriented and SEO targeted. The Keywords used in the domain name must be related to your business and services. Domain Name with reliable hosting is also considered as the base part which decides the overall ranking and optimization for your website. So it’s necessary to have a meaningful and unique website domain Url which can bring ranking at less time and can be easy to optimize and use.


WEB 2.0 is considered as the latest and well-known SEO Technology used mainly for online reputation management. It includes creating blogs and personal portfolio on WEB 2.0 websites, where we can post blogs/ articles and can also include videos, audios, and presentations. Optimizing the WEB 2.0 blogs includes placing proper targeted keywords, using hashtags, captions and alt tags for images and graphs with building URL links on them.


Social Media is not only used for posting contents, liking and sharing things. We have lots of stuff to do with it such as creating Social Media Notes, live videos, posting content and articles embedding keywords and targeted website URL. Optimization of Social Media platforms also includes comparing the organic and paid traffic reports to focus more on bringing the organic audience on social media. We are the leaders in providing reliable, unique and best ORM Services in Bangalore.


Video Creation is one of the best methods to explain thoroughly and briefly about the services and business terms provided by you. It is a great way of interacting face to face with millions of people around the globe. Promoting and Marketing of Videos online can be optimized by placing targeted keywords and unique content in the title, descriptions of the video. We also have several others video marketing techniques to bring unique views and viral your stuff online.


The word “Content” can be used for all types of written scripts or texts that can be used in Blogs, Website, Posts, Articles, Pdf, Press Release etc. Content can be optimized with a unique and high quality of words and create sentences. As per Google latest updates, content plays the most part in ranking a website. Providing highly readable and interesting content to users with proper optimization may lead your website to rank at less period of time along with building a good market of readers.


Article Marketing can be considered as the sub set of Content Marketing. Writing good engaging content and providing links in the description, can boost up the Online Reputation Management for your website. Researching in the field of content Marketing can give unique ideas to depicts, views and matters on a piece of writing beautifully.


Press Release is another important factor, which creates an impact on the ranking of the website. Sharing Press Release on several social media platforms and online press submission websites can help readers to read your articles frequently and visit your websites regularly.


SEO and Link Popularly are coined under the umbrella term “Link Building“. Link Building is defined as making positive and High PR links that can pave a path in bringing #1 ranking in search engines. We have 1000+ satisfied clients, for whom we have to implement our unique link building strategies and can do the same for you.

Not only this, we work on the following given methods

  • Profile and Brand Name Creation
  • Reviews and Feedback optimization
  • Analyzing Online Reputation.
  • Daily updates on services and products
  • Happy We” Business Strategy


Need of Online Reputation Services Forever:

Citing an example for the need of ORM Services

You might have observed when we receive negative reviews and feedback on a particular post or on any product, the overall rating and branding value of that product decreases. This also highly affect the ranking of the website and its market. Not only this, you may notice a high down fall in your business. To cope up with such difficult and pressure able situation, you may require good guidance and methods to re-build your business name again.  That is why, we have ORM Experts who analyze the root cause of your business crises in terms of ranking and negative branding, and list down the required tasks needed to be done to gain your business heights again. We follow various useful tools like Semrush, on the crawl, Moz to scale up your website reputation. Making positive links on search engines pushes down the links with negative reviews. To get the best Online Reputation Management services in Bangalore don’t forget to look at our pricing plans.

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